Shower Your Senior Dog With Special Care

You think your senior golden retriever Toby has discovered the secret to a happy life. Each morning, this easygoing nine-year-old pooch wakes up with a wagging tail and a happy grin. Several times daily, he ambles through the neighborhood, greeting his canine buddies and soaking up ear scratches from his human fans. You’d like Toby to stay healthy in his golden years, so your Youngsville, LA veterinarian provides him with regular physical exams. After expert nutritional counseling, the vet gave your companion a tailored senior health program.

Nutritious Senior Diet

Toby’s nutritionally sound diet has fueled his active lifestyle. He always chowed down on food containing top-notch proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. His body still needs these nutrients, but in different amounts. Because he has slowed down, he should reduce his daily calorie consumption.

First, the vet analyzed your dog’s nutritional needs and exercise habits. If he had gotten chubby, the vet would likely choose a food formulated for healthy weight loss. If he had developed a chronic medical problem, the vet might select a specialty blend that meshed with his treatment plan.

Essential Dental Care

Toby’s gleaming choppers have always commanded attention. Since your pooch was a puppy, the vet has performed regular dental exams during his physical checkups. Frequent dental cleanings, plus home brushing sessions, have helped to keep his teeth and gums healthy.

Valuable Canine Vaccinations

Your older dog still needs canine vaccinations that protect him against infectious and dangerous canine diseases. The vet will evaluate his age, health status, and lifestyle before giving him the correct vaccines.

Enjoyable Gentle Movement

Toby seems to thrive on his neighborhood walks. While your sociable pooch visits his friends, his regular exercise helps to fend off obesity. Your vet can recommend other body-friendly workouts, such as warm-water swims or slow-paced fetch games.

If your dog appears to wince when he stands or walks normally, or climbs the steps, tell your vet. He can prescribe medications and/or therapies that should provide some relief.

As Toby progresses through his golden years, your Youngsville, LA veterinarian will continue his regular checkups and address emerging issues. If you see changes in your dog’s food and water consumption, or his urination and/or defecation habits, alert your vet. To give your canine senior citizen a tailored health program, contact us for expert assistance.

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