Help Your Cat to Minimize Harmful Stress

Your freshly adopted calico cat Sophie will be the most pampered feline in town. Earlier this week, you brought this spunky four-year-old girl home from your city’s animal shelter. Besides her plush bed and rhinestone collar, you presented her with enough toys for three cats. Best of all, your Lafayette, LA vet gave Sophie a new patient exam and a nutritious diet. She provided recommendations on giving your companion a low-stress lifestyle.

Abundant Fresh Water

Sophie will enjoy her nutritionally balanced diet. Her body also requires unlimited clean water daily. If she doesn’t consume enough of this life-critical nutrient, she could become dehydrated; and that can trigger stress. Lack of sufficient water also factors into some medical problems.

Besides filling her water bowl, provide her with a flowing water source, such as a dripping faucet. Although canned food provides water, don’t add anything to your cat’s diet before consulting your vet.

Pleasing Elevated Perch

Cats are natural predators who seem to enjoy viewing their prey from a high vantage point. Although Sophie’s not hunting for dinner, her multilevel carpeted cat tower enables her to survey your family’s activities. Include a cozy sleeping cubby for those essential naps. If your cat seems obsessed with birdwatching, place the cat tree next to her favorite window.

Multiple Scratching Surfaces

Sophie’s looking for ways to indulge her scratching instinct. Satisfy her with a dedicated scratching post or other similarly textured surface. If possible, give her horizontal and vertical scratching destinations. If multiple cats share your home, provide each feline with their own scratching spot.

If she can’t exercise her claws, she’ll likely experience stress. She might ease that anxiety by tearing up your furniture, curtains, or carpet – or all of them.

Playtime and Cuddling

Keeping your cat active also helps to reduce stress. At least twice daily, schedule a 20-30 minute playtime session. If she becomes too excited, lead her to a secluded cardboard “hide box” where she can relax.

Give her daily cuddling time. As you stroke her coat, feel for anything strange that could indicate an emerging medical issue. If you notice something, take her to the vet immediately.

Try to avoid upsetting your cat’s routine; and alert your Lafayette, LA vet if you think she’s becoming anxious. To give your feline housemate a minimal-stress lifestyle, contact us for professional help.

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