Beware of These Halloween Pet Hazards

Halloween and trick-or-treat night are coming up fast! In order to prevent this holiday from turning into a true nightmare, keep your pet safe by avoiding the following hazards:


Halloween is prime-time for chocolate. As you probably know, chocolate is extremely toxic for pets and should be restricted at all costs. It contains theobromine and caffeine, chemicals that pets should never have. Store chocolate treats inside of closed cabinets or closets, and never leave them out on countertops or tables where pets could gain access.

Candy, Gum, Baked Goods

Candies, gums, and certain baked goods are sweetened with Xylitol, an artificial sugar that is highly toxic to animals. Just like chocolate, take care to have your pet avoid candy, gum, and sweets at all times.

If you see or suspect that your pet has ingested chocolate or something sweetened with Xylitol, call your Lafayette, LA veterinarian’s office immediately for assistance.

Pet Costumes

Do you plan on dressing up your pet in their very own costume this holiday? It sure will be adorable, but make sure your pet is okay with it first. Not all pets take kindly to wearing clothes, and it may stress them out greatly. In addition, some costumes have small parts that could be chewed off, swallowed, and choked on. Check your pet’s outfit and remove any small items before dressing up your animal companion.

Anxiety and Escape

Trick-or-treat night presents a two-part hazard: anxiety and escape. First of all, the constant ringing of the doorbell is enough to send some pets into an absolute frenzy. Even worse, if pets are allowed to roam free in the house, they may dart of the open front door as soon as the next trick-or-treater arrives. If your pet is stressed out by the doorbell, or if they’re the type to dart out the first open door they see, it may be prudent to secure your pet in another room for the night.

Holiday Decorations

While common holiday decorations like pumpkins, fall corn, and gourds aren’t necessarily toxic to pets, they can cause an upset stomach if a pet decides to ingest large portions. Also take care to tape down electrical wires of light-up ghosts or other spooky decorations, as pets could chew on these or get tangled.

These aren’t the only Halloween pet hazards to be aware of—call your Lafayette, LA animal hospital to learn about more!

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