Keeping Your Pet Safe This Spring

Finally, spring is in the air. With the season comes a few pet hazards to be aware of! Below, your vet in Lafayette, LA tells you what to be on the lookout for and how to keep your animal companion safe.


Have you noticed your cat or dog sniffling, sneezing, or scratching more than usual this time of year? Allergies may be to blame—just like us, pets can suffer from reactions to pollen, dust, dirt, mold, dander, and various other allergens. Talk to your vet if you think your pet may have allergies, as medications may need to be prescribed.

Outdoor Pests

Spring is primetime for ticks, fleas, and parasitic worms to latch on to our pets. Prevent the danger initially by keeping your pet on a year-round preventative medication against such critters. See your veterinarian right away if your pet needs these medications.

Pesticides, Fertilizer, Herbicides

Do you apply fertilizer or herbicides on your garden and lawn to keep the pests and weeds out? Do you set up pesticides in or around your home to kill off insect or rodent intruders? Remember that these substances are extremely dangerous for our four-legged friends! Never place pesticides where a pet may be able to gain access, and store fertilizer and similar products safely where pets can’t reach.

Cleaning Supplies

Many families do a bit of spring cleaning this time of year. Just make sure your pet stays safe if you’re using harmful chemicals! Everything from household disinfectants, bleach, and floor cleaner, to furniture polish, glass cleaner, and air fresheners can poison a pet who decides to ingest it. Move your pet elsewhere if you’re using something that gives off fumes, and keep the supply closet closed tightly when you’re not using the products inside.

Open Windows

Veterinarians typically see an increase in fall-related injuries during the springtime. This is because as pet owners open their windows to let the warm breeze in, their animal friends like to lounge on the sill. Many pets—even the most graceful cats—can fall out, possibly injuring themselves severely. If you’re going to open windows, make sure each has a sturdy screen in place before allowing your pet to relax on the sill.

These aren’t the only springtime pet hazards to be aware of. Call your Lafayette, LA veterinarian’s office today to learn about more ways to keep your pet safe this season.

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