8 Tips for Clipping Fido’s Claws

Did you know that overgrown nails can be very uncomfortable for Fido? Keeping your pet’s claws trimmed is very important. Long nails make it harder for your canine buddy to walk or gain traction on slippery surfaces. As a result, your furry friend may adjust his gait, which can lead to or exacerbate painful bone/joint problems. A Lafayette, LA vet offers some helpful tips on giving your dog a pawdicure in this article.

Choosing Clippers

If you’re uneasy about clipping Fido’s nails, consider getting clippers that are equipped with sensors. These will indicate exactly where to snip, so you don’t have to worry about cutting too close.


You may have heard that cutting Fido’s nails too close can cause bleeding and pain. This is why it’s important to avoid cutting the quick, which is where your canine friend’s nerves and blood vessels end. However, even when the utmost care is taken, accidents can happen. Keep styptic powder or pens on hand, just in case. These products should stop any bleeding quickly. If bleeding continues, contact your vet.

Small, Frequent Cuts

Because the quick grows along with the nail, regular small trims, rather than occasional big cuts, can help reduce the chances of injury.

Gimme Paw

Consider teaching Fido to Gimme Paw. Once you’ve shown your pooch this fun trick, you can start getting him used to having his nails clipped. Start by having your furry buddy give you his paw. When he does, just run clippers over his toes, without cutting. Then let go and give your pup a yummy treat.

Making The Cut

If you haven’t clipped your dog’s claws before, do some research to learn proper techniques. One method is to start by making small, shallow cuts and carefully inspecting each trimming. When you see a pale oval appear, stop cutting. Ask your vet for a demonstration.


Making Fido think that getting a manicure is fun will definitely make things easier for you in the long run. We all know one surefire way to get that furry tail wagging: snacks!

Enlisting Help

If you have a hard time clipping your pup’s nails, consider getting professional help: call us to set up a quick manicure appointment for Fido.

Do you need to schedule a quick pawdicure appointment? Call us! As your Lafayette, LA animal clinic, we are always happy to help.

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