How to Beat Litterbox Smells

There are many things to love about our feline friends. Fluffy is not only super cute and lots of fun, she’s also cuddly, easy to care for, and very clean. The fact that cats will use litterboxes to discretely do their business is a definite plus: after all, you won’t have to rush home to walk your kitty. That said, litterboxes aren’t exactly an attractive addition to your décor, and they can get a bit stinky. Read on as a Lafayette, LA vet discusses beating litterbox smells.


Keeping your kitty’s litterbox clean is very important. We recommend scooping Fluffy’s litterbox daily, and changing the litter thoroughly about once a week.

Litter Choice

When it comes to kitty litter, all brands are not created equal. Look for litters that have strong odor-absorbing properties. Of course, Fluffy should have a say in this as well: some cats prefer certain types of litter.


There are many deodorizing products available today. Liners and filters can both help control smells. Adding baking soda to your Fluffy’s litter can also reduce odors.

Air Fresheners

When shopping for air fresheners, look for a brand that breaks down scent molecules. Products that simply mask odors with perfume aren’t very effective: the smell will return as soon as the spray wears off.


Plants not only make your home look nice, they also help purify the air. Just be sure to choose only pet-safe ones. Some good options are Boston ferns, Spider plants, Moth orchids, lemon grass, and Cast Iron plants. You can find more cat-safe plants at the ASPCA website.


Keep Fluffy’s litterbox in a spot that offers suitable ventilation. For instance, if you put your cat’s powder room in a spare bathroom, keep the fan on in that room.

Air Filter

Investing in a good air-purification system won’t just help with litterbox odors: it will keep your air clean and pure. Remember to change the filters regularly.

Fluffy’s Diet

Make sure you’re feeding your cat a good, high quality diet. Cheap pet foods often contain lots of fillers. These can be harder for your feline buddy to digest, and can make Fluffy’s waste extra stinky. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Please reach out to us, your Lafayette, LA veterinary hospital, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We provide our furry clients with the best care around!

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