5 Fun Ways to Keep Fido in Shape

Is your dog a furry ball of energy? Or is Fido basically a four-legged couch potato? Making sure that your pet gets the right type and amount of exercise is very important! Just like people, dogs are much healthier with regular activity. Below, a Lafayette, LA vet lists some fun ways to keep your pooch moving.

Automated Ball Launcher

If your pet loves chasing tennis balls, consider getting him a mechanical ball launcher. Fido can be super cute when playing with these fun toys! (Note: since large breeds can choke on tennis balls, these aren’t recommended for big dogs.)

Puppy Playground

Does Fido have a yard to play in? Make his outdoor time more fun by adding a puppy playground. You can add stairs, ramps, or tunnels for your canine buddy to run and jump on. If your pup likes digging, build him a doggy sandbox. Dogs that love playing Tug-o-war may really enjoy some built-in pull toys. Look online for great DIY options.


Walks aren’t just fun for Fido: they’re great for him physically, and help keep his bones and muscles strong. If you’re getting tired of walking the same route every day, your pup is probably also ready for a change of scenery. Take your pooch to a park, or explore a new trail with him. These excursions will likely be just as fun for you as they are for your pet!

Doggy Sports

Man’s Best Friend can enjoy lots of different sports. If you like running, and you have an active pup, take Fido jogging with you. Or, try doga, which is yoga you can do with your pooch. Your pooch may also enjoy a simple game of Frisbee or Fetch.


Many classic schoolyard games can be great fun for dogs. Turn Red Light, Green Light into a dog-friendly activity by changing the traditional commands to Stay and Come. Fido also often likes playing Tag: you can take turns chasing your dog, and having him chase you!


Not all pups are well-suited to strenuous activity. For instance, some pooches get winded very easily, and should never be overexerted. Other dogs can damage their hips by frequently jumping or standing on their back legs. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

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