Advantages of Adopting a Senior Pet

Are you thinking of adding a new pet to your family ranks soon? Keep this in mind: a puppy or kitten isn’t the only option! Senior pets need loving homes, too, and an older animal just may be the perfect fit for you. Here, a Lafayette, LA vet tells you more.

Less Energy

One of the major benefits of adopting an older animal is that you won’t have to keep up with a rambunctious, energy-filled puppy or kitten at all times. While senior pets still need walks and playtime, they’ll also be content to relax for most of the day when they aren’t exercising. Ask your veterinarian about specific exercise techniques that will work best for a senior pet.

Manners and Socialization

It’s likely that an older pet has already spent time with humans in the past, and may have even lived with a family like yours. As such, your new pet will probably already be socialized; they’ll be comfortable with humans and may already be potty-trained, know how to ride in a car, be comfortable in crates, etc. This saves you a lot of time and hassle!


Your senior pet might already know important commands, like sit, stay, come, heel, or lay down. This is quite helpful if you don’t have the time to train your new addition over several weeks or months. Many older pets even know fun tricks!

If you do have to train your senior pet, you may find that it’s easier than expected. That’s because older pets tend to have longer attention spans than puppies and kittens, ultimately making the training period a bit quicker.

Bad-Behavior Phases

Puppies and kittens, of course, will go through their phases of chewing, scratching, yowling, and more. With a senior pet, this is far less likely to be a problem. Your senior addition has probably already worked through these bad-behavior phases, especially if they’ve already lived with a family in the past.


Commitment is always something to consider, no matter what aged pet you’re planning on adopting. Keep in mind that rescuing a young pet constitutes at least a 10-year commitment, and potentially one double that length. If you and your family simply aren’t ready for that, an older pet may be just the solution.

Do you have further questions about adopting a senior pet? Call your Lafayette, LA animal clinic today to speak with a professional.

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