5 Reasons to Groom Your Dog

Grooming your dog regularly is important for many reasons. Of course, it helps your canine companion look his absolute best. It’s also beneficial in other ways! Here, your Lafayette, LA veterinarian tells you about five wonderful reasons to groom your dog on a regular basis:

Skin and Fur Health

Brushing removes dirt and grime from your dog’s coat, benefiting skin and fur health. It also spreads essential skin oils through the coat to moisturize it naturally, providing your pooch’s fur with a healthy sheen. Bathing, of course, keeps your pet clean and fresh-smelling—always use a canine-formulated shampoo, as human shampoos or products designed for other animals may be too strong for your dog’s skin.

Less Shedding

The essential oils mentioned above have another benefit: by moisturizing your dog’s coat via proper brushing, you’re reducing the amount of dead hair that gets shed onto your carpets, floors, clothing, and furniture! Keep your home cleaner while simultaneously benefiting your dog’s health and wellness—brush your canine companion on a regular basis.

Odor Control

By removing grime and oil-build up from the coat via proper bathing sessions, you’re keeping your pet as fresh as possible and cutting down on odors around your home. It’s not uncommon for our canine companions to start smelling up our living areas after a while! In addition to measures like washing of dog beds and regular vacuuming, grooming your pooch is the primary way to keep your home smelling fresh.

Topical Health Check

Sitting down with your dog regularly for a grooming session provides you with a great opportunity to give the body a thorough check-up. Run your hands along Fido’s frame, checking for any lumps, bumps, abrasions, or anything else out of the ordinary. Let your veterinarian know right away if you find something abnormal—it never hurts to get a professional opinion to make sure your canine companion stays healthy.

Bonding Opportunity

Here’s another benefit of regular brushing and bathing sessions: it gives you a chance to have a close bonding session with your pooch. The relationship you and your dog have must be fostered with time spent together—grooming is one of the best and most beneficial ways to do just that!

Do you have questions about your dog’s grooming routine? Want a recommendation on a high-quality canine shampoo or a pet brush? Set up an appointment to see your Lafayette, LA vet today.

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