Tips for Walking Your Dog

Walking your pooch should be simple enough—clip on the leash and head outside, right? As it turns out, it’s important to make a few considerations before venturing out with your dog! Below, your Lafayette, LA veterinarian gives you a few tips for walking your canine companion.

Proper Identification

Before you head outdoors, make sure your dog is properly identified with ID tags on the collar, a microchip, or both. Dogs can manage to run away or escape even despite your best efforts—if this happens, good identification is your best bet at getting your four-legged friend returned to you quickly and safely. If your dog needs ID tags or a microchip, make an appointment at your vet’s office today.

Leash Your Dog

Even if your dog is well-trained, it’s always best to have them on a leash during outdoor walks. You just never know when your pooch might decide to dart off after a squirrel or bicycler, or your dog might be startled by an unexpected loud noise. Plus, some public areas require dogs to remain on-leash for safety.

Picking Up After Fido

Always be sure to bring along a few waste bags on your walks to pick up after Fido. Not only is it rude to leave your dog’s droppings in public areas or in another family’s yard, it’s unsanitary—dog feces can carry parasites and disease, and you don’t want to be responsible for passing this along to other pets or even human children. Use your bags to pick up after your pooch, and be sure to dispose of waste properly in designated receptacles.

Greeting Passerby

Is your dog the type who loves everyone he meets? Keep in mind that not all passerby are as big of a dog-lover as you are. Don’t allow your dog to run up to anyone you meet on the sidewalk; some people are afraid of dogs or simply don’t want to be greeted with a slobbery kiss. Always make sure it’s okay with passerby before allowing your dog to greet them, especially if you’re coming into contact with young children.

Tips on Nighttime Walks

It’s entirely possible that you have to walk your pooch at night—do your best to wear bright or reflective clothing, and choose to walk on sidewalks or wide roads whenever possible.

Does your dog need a veterinary exam? Make an appointment with your Lafayette, LA vet.

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