Fluffy’s Cutest Quirks

Have you ever wondered what is behind some of your cat’s behavior? Our feline friends are full of adorable quirks! Read on as a local Lafayette, LA vet lists some cute things you may not know about your feline friend.

Paws For Thought

Did you know that cats can be either left pawed or right pawed? Male kitties tend to be lefties, while girls are usually right-pawed. There are also some kitties that are ambidextrous.

Tail Tales

Did you know that only pet cats carry their tails straight up? Feral kitties let their tails droop. No one is sure why!

Sleepy Furballs

Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day. This is more than almost any other mammal on the planet! We’re not sure why our feline pals are so drowsy. Maybe being adorable is really hard work!

Manipulative Kitty

As it turns out, cats usually only meow at their humans. They use body language and facial expressions to communicate with each other. In fact, Fluffy may have started meowing just to manipulate us! Cats probably didn’t take too long to figure out that we have a hard time resisting those plaintive feed-me-please meows.

Yes, Fluffy Is Ignoring You

While some kitties come when they are called, other furballs only move when they feel like it. If you have ever tried to call Fluffy, only to find her sitting quietly, there is a good chance that your feline overlord couldn’t be bothered to answer your summons.

Purrfect Pets

One of Fluffy’s cutest attributes is her purr. Kitties aren’t the only animals that purr: gorillas, hyenas, and even elephants also purr. Cats may have started purring as a way for kittens to communicate with their mamas. However, cat purrs are also very soothing to humans. In fact, kitties purr at the same frequency used by physical therapists to promote healing.

They Might Actually Run On Solar

Does your kitty enjoy sleeping in sunbeams? Our feline pals certainly do love sunbathing! Fluffy just might run on both cat food and solar power. (Tip: to check and see if your cat is fully charged, take a picture of her. If her eyes reflect light, she is at full power.)

Please reach out to us, your local Lafayette, LA animal clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to keep our feline patients healthy and purring.

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