7 Ways to Stop Problem Scratching in Cats

Is your kitty using your sofa as a manicure station? If so, you’re certainly in good company! Fluffy has many adorable habits, but her nail care routine could use a little work. Read on for some great tips from a Lafayette, LA vet on curbing your cat’s scratching habits.

Provide Proper Scratching Posts

Make sure your kitty has an appropriate scratching post. Choose something that is fairly sturdy. If Fluffy’s nail care station topples over on her, she may become wary of it.

Block Kitty Access

If Fluffy is scratching the side of a chair or sofa, put clear, two-sided tape up in her favorite spot. To protect doors, walls, or posts, try hanging a thick sheet of plastic on it.

Discourage Bad Habits

Never punish your furball for scratching improperly. Fluffy isn’t trying to destroy your things: she’s really just obeying her instincts. Punishing her may only make her feel scared, anxious, or confused. To discourage your cat from scratching your sofa, you’ll want to do something that annoys her, but doesn’t scare her. Try squirting her with water, or making a loud noise.

Purr Activation

To encourage your feline buddy to use her scratching post, sprinkle some catnip on it, and offer her toys, treats, and compliments near it. When you see Fluffy using her post, remember to pet her and tell her she’s a good kitty.

DIY Options

Are you working with a tight budget? Go the DIY route and repurpose an old stepladder, bookshelf, or storage rack into a cat tower. Just add planks for kitty lounging spots, and wrap the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. Another option is to attach a carpet scrap to a smooth board and nail it to the wall, just above kitty height.

Claw Caps

No luck? Ask your vet about claw caps. These are basically fake nails for kitties, which can be glued onto Fluffy’s claws. Your furry little diva can even sport fashionable colors, like red or pink!

Nail Trims

Another simple way to stop Fluffy from scratching up your things is to simply clip her claws. We only recommend this for cats that live indoors, however: kitties that go outside need their nails for defense.

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