Kitten Vaccination Basics

It’s Immunization Awareness Month! If you’ve recently adopted a kitten or are planning to add one to your ranks in the near future, vaccination will be key for a lifetime of excellent health. Below, your Lafayette, LA veterinarian tells you about the basics of kitten vaccination.

How Exactly Do Vaccines Benefit My Kitten?

Vaccines introduce a tiny strain of a disease to your pet’s immune system. This allows your cat’s system to recognize the disease and develop appropriate antibodies. In this way, your cat will be prepared to fight off or at least lessen the symptoms of that disease should the real thing ever come along later in life! It’s a great way to avoid a problem before it even begins, and it’s one of the best things you can ever do for your feline friend’s health.

What Vaccines Does My Kitten Need?

It’s recommended that all kittens receive what are called the core vaccines, which are so named because of the dangers, common, and/or contagious nature of the diseases they protect your kitten against. Some examples are the feline Rhinotracheitis vaccine, the panleukopenia vaccine, and the rabies virus vaccine. Often, many of these vaccinations are administered together in a batch when your kitten is young.

Non-core vaccines aren’t considered essential for all kittens, but they may benefit some depending on factors like location and risk of exposure. The feline leukemia (FeLV) vaccine is just one example. Ask your veterinarian for specifics on the core and non-core vaccinations that will benefit your kitten.

Are Booster Shots Necessary?

Yes, most of your kitten’s vaccinations will require booster shots to keep them effective over your pet’s lifetime. Most cat owners have their pet’s vaccines updated as necessary at one of their regular yearly veterinary appointments. Talk to your vet to find out more about vaccination scheduling.

What About Side Effects?

Vaccinations are an extremely safe preventative healthcare measure, and side effects are rare. However, minor symptoms like low-grade fever, mild muscle soreness, and more can occur. These symptoms will usually go away on their own after a few days, but let your veterinarian know if you think your kitten is suffering.

How Do I Get Started?

Is your kitten in need of vaccinations? Do you have further questions about the core or non-core vaccinations that your kitten requires? We’re here for you! Make an appointment today to see your Lafayette, LA veterinarian.

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