Getting Fido to Take His Pill

If you own a dog, it’s a safe bet that you’ll have to give them a pill at one point or another. This can definitely be easier said than done! For advice on administering a pill to your dog, read on as your Lafayette, LA vet offers a few ideas.

With Food

If your dog’s medicine can be given with food (check with your veterinarian if you’re not sure), you can try pressing it into a glob of soft dog food, into the center of a large dog treat, or wrapping it in a roll of lean deli meat. With luck, your pooch will gobble up the morsel without even realizing there was medicine inside.


In some instances, you can crush up your dog’s pill with a mortar and pestle, then sprinkle the powder over your dog’s food or stir it in to blend the medication with the food. Always check with your veterinarian before doing this, though—it’s possible that crushing a pill might render it ineffective. It might also introduce too much of the medication to your dog’s system at one time!

Toss Trick

Does your canine companion enjoy catching treats in mid-air? Try using this to your advantage. Gather a few dog treats in one hand and your dog’s pill in the other. Toss a treat or two, then the pill, and then a few more treats. If you’re lucky, Fido will be so enthralled with the stream of goodies that he won’t even realize one was his medication!

Chewable Pills

Were you aware that certain medications, as well as vitamins and dietary supplements, now come in chewable and/or flavored varieties? They’re often made to taste like meat or a dog treat, enticing many dogs to gobble them right up. Ask your vet if Fido’s medication happens to come in a chewable variety.

Manual Administration

If the above methods don’t work, you’ll have to give your dog his pill manually. Gently pry open the jaws, place the pill near the back of the tongue, and close your dog’s mouth. Now, stroke the throat in a downward motion to stimulate swallowing. It may be helpful to have another family member help steady your dog during this process.

If you need help getting your dog to take his pill, we’re here for you. Call your Lafayette, LA animal hospital for all of your pet’s most important care needs!

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