Pet Memorial Day

Did you know that September 10th is Pet Memorial Day? Pets are more than just four-legged roommates: they are both friends and family, and have a special way of leaving paw prints on our hearts. It can be very difficult and painful to have to say goodbye to a beloved furry friend. In this article, a Lafayette, LA vet offers some suggestions on how to memorialize a beloved pet.

Memorial Garden

If you have room for it, consider planting a flower garden or tree, which can serve as a living memorial to your furry pal. For apartment dwellers, a potted plant may be a better option. To personalize it, decorate the plant pot or some large rocks with paw prints and your pet’s name.


Hire a local artist to turn a favorite photo of your pet into a portrait, and then hang it in a nice frame. You can also experiment with different photo editing effects and processes. That snapshot of your dog chasing after his favorite toy may look lovely in a sepia tone, while a picture of your kitty napping may be absolutely beautiful in black and white.

Digital Photo Frame

Another wonderful way to keep your pet’s memory alive is to upload some of your favorite photos into a digital photo album. This can make a beautiful collage that won’t take much room. Of course, you can also create a classic collage out of your pet’s pictures.


One terrific way to honor your four-legged friend’s memory is to make a donation to an animal rescue or humane society. Monetary donations are always both needed and appreciated, but you can also donate time or supplies. You may find that helping other animals in need is very rewarding, and may help you feel better.


A scrapbook is also a great way to memorialize your animal companion. Add photos, mementos, and your pet’s paperwork. You can also include your furry pal’s collar, and perhaps a toy or two. If you like, you can even write a pet obituary, and include that as well.

If you’ve recently lost a beloved pet, please accept our sincerest condolences. All of us here at Village Veterinary Center, your Lafayette, LA pet hospital, understand the special bond that forms between people and their pets, and how hard it can be to have to say goodbye to a faithful companion.

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