Caring for Your Dog’s Toys

Does your dog have a variety of fun toys to play with? If so, that’s great! Playing is of course lots of fun for Fido, but it’s also very beneficial for him. However, your pet’s toys can get icky pretty fast, and can basically become little germ factories. But how do you clean a doggy toy? A Lafayette, LA vet offers some tips on cleaning Fido’s playthings in this article.

Stuffed Animals

Most stuffed animals can go right into the washing machine. Use unscented detergent and the hottest dryer cycle you have. However, stuffed animals can get ripped and worn pretty easily. If your pet’s plaything has a small tear, sew that up before you wash it. We also recommend removing small parts, like buttons and eyes, as these can be serious choking hazards. If there’s nothing left but a few scraps of fabric, it’s best to just discretely toss it out and replace it.

Rope Toys

Rope toys are actually quite easy to clean. Just remove any plastic or rubber parts. Then, soak the toy in water. Pop it in the microwave on high for about a minute. This will kill any germs. Just be sure to let it cool and dry before you give it back to your pooch.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are a bit trickier to clean. With rawhide chews and similar playthings, we recommend just rinsing them with hot water, then putting them into sealed bags and freezing them for a day or two. Fido’s toy may not look much better afterwards, but it will at least be germ-free.

Puzzle Toys

Some of Fido’s favorite playthings incorporate yummy treats. These fun toys can keep a playful pet occupied for hours. They can also get pretty grimy! Use a toothbrush and hot water to remove stuck-on food particles. Then, put the toy in the dishwasher on the hottest setting you have. Don’t add detergent: the water and steam will clean and disinfect it.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls can go in the washing machine as well. Use unscented detergent, and just air dry. If Fido’s favorite ball is ripped, however, just throw it out and replace it.

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