Fluffy’s Holiday Plans

The holiday season has officially arrived! As you fill your to-do list with planning, cooking, decorating, and shopping tasks, your feline friend will be right there at your side, supervising you closely, or perhaps just sleeping. As it turns out, kitties may have their own agenda for the holidays! A Lafayette, LA vet lists some of Fluffy’s holiday plans in this article.

Steal Chairs

Kitties are always on the lookout for warm napping spots. If you’re having company, there’s a good chance that your furball will seize the chance to occupy a seat someone just vacated.

Napping Routine

To celebrate the holidays, your cat may adjust her ordinary sleeping schedule, and snooze on your wrapping paper, spare bed, and on guests’ laps and jackets. If you put up a tree, there’s a good chance that Fluffy will also catch a few Z’s underneath it. This does make sense: after all, cats are precious gifts!

Help The Humans

Cats are actually very thoughtful, and try to assist their humans whenever they can. Your considerate pet may lend a helping paw as you wrap gifts, change the sheets, put up the tree, or decorate your home. Fluffy may also offer you kitty support by rubbing against your legs as you are cooking.

Attack The Tree

Frisky cats just can’t resist holiday trees! You can’t really blame Fluffy for this. After all, from her point of view, a special tree hung with cat toys has just magically appeared in her domain. Use a baby gate or taste deterrent to keep your playful pet out of the tree. Also, try to keep the majority of your decorations—including fragile ornaments and tinsel—on the top part of the tree. Put just a few sturdy ornaments on the bottom branches.

Jump Into Boxes

Fluffy certainly does love boxes! Theoretically, this may be because kitties love small spaces, but cats don’t necessarily seem to care what size their boxes are. Give your feline buddy some empty boxes once everyone has finished opening their presents.

Enjoy Some Presents

Fluffy certainly deserves a few special gifts of her own! Fill your furball’s stocking with toys and treats. You can also get your cute pet some kitty furniture, or perhaps a new bed.

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