Holiday Health Hazards for Pets

The holidays are a busy time of year for all of us, including our animal companions! In the hustle and bustle, it’s easy for pets to encounter things that they shouldn’t. Here, your Lafayette, LA veterinarian tells you about the most common holiday hazards and how to keep your pet safe.

Decoration Danger

Tinsel looks like a shiny plaything to many pets, but it can cause intestinal obstruction and other issues if swallowed. Tree ornaments could be choked on or swallowed, and electric decorations will have cords running to and from them that could shock a pet who chews through them. To be safe, place ornaments high up on the tree, where pets can’t reach. Tape down loose cords or wires.

Poisonous Plants

Did you know that holly and mistletoe can prove toxic to pets? Poinsettias can also cause mouth irritation or even vomiting when ingested. It’s important to keep your pet away from these common holiday plants. Remember that other plants and flowers—lilies, certain aloe plants, rhododendron or azalea, ivy, and much more—also pose a threat. Don’t let your pet munch on any vegetation.

Dangerous Foods

There are plenty of common foods—many of them probably included in your holiday dinner—that pets shouldn’t have. Onions, garlic, leeks, scallions, shallots, chives, grapes and raisins, chocolate, candy, fatty foods, salty snacks, caffeinated foods and beverages, and raw or cooked bones are just a few examples. It’s best to keep your pet out of the kitchen while preparing the holiday meal; try feeding them their own meal during dinnertime to minimize begging.

Candles, Fireplaces, and Heaters

Don’t let your pet get too close to portable heating devices or fireplaces, as it’s all too easy for them to experience painful burns. The same goes for candles—if you’re lighting candles to set a comfortable holiday mood, don’t let your pet swipe an errant tail or paw through the open flame.

Gift-Wrapping Warning

It’s safest to keep pets elsewhere during gift-wrapping sessions. If they decide to munch on wrapping paper, twine, tape, ribbons, bows, and other wrapping supplies, disaster could result! It’s also a good idea not to leave scissors lying on the floor where pets (or human family members) could step on them.

Would you like more information on holiday hazards for pets? We’re always here to help! Give your Lafayatte, LA animal hospital a call today to learn more.

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