Raising a Polite Cat

Have you recently adopted a kitten? Good for you! We’re guessing it won’t take your tiny furball long to have you completely wrapped around her little paws. However, while it’s great to pamper your kitten, you don’t want to spoil her. Teaching your pet good manners is very important! Read on as a Lafayette, LA vet discusses raising a polite cat.


Baby cats are full of energy, and are often extremely interested in figuring out just how all those claws and teeth work. Make sure your cute little buddy has lots of fun toys to play with. Teaching little Fluffy to use cat toys, not you, for practicing her ferocious hunting skills, is also very important. Spend a few minutes a day playing with your kitten. Use toys that you can control. Just be sure to put toys with string away after each use: you don’t want little Fluffy getting tangled up!


Make sure to teach your kitten proper nail-care habits. Giving your tiny diva a good scratching post and encouraging her to use it may be half the battle! Choose something sturdy, that won’t wobble or topple over on your kitty. Cats like to stretch when they do their nails, get something that is tall enough to allow your pet to stretch out to her full length. Little Fluffy will grow fast, so plan ahead: it’s easier to get a kitten a full-sized scratching post, than to try and get a full-grown feline to use a kitten-sized one. To encourage your kitty to use it, give her toys, treats, catnip, and praise near it.


Never punish your kitten for misbehaving. Little Fluffy won’t understand what she did wrong, as she’s just acting on her natural instincts. It’s also important to realize that cats don’t think the way we do, and don’t really understand the concept of punishment. You can tell your precocious pet ‘No’ in a firm tone, but never hit or yell at her. Instead, squirt your baby furball with water when she does something naughty, or make a loud noise. If your feline pal is trying to use you as a cat toy, blow in her face, tell her no, and then walk away and ignore her for a while.

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