Kitty Communication

Does your feline buddy ‘speak’ to let you know that she wants dinner right meow? Does she hop onto your lap when she wants to cuddle, or purr when you pick her up? Cats can be quite clear about expressing themselves… at times. At other times, Fluffy can be a bit confusing. Read on as a local Lafayette, LA vet discusses kitty communication.


Just like people, cats can be pretty talkative. Some furballs like to tell their owners about the moth in the living room, the dust bunny under the couch, and the squirrel in the yard. Other cats, on the other hand, only meow when they want food or attention, or perhaps when they don’t feel well. It may interest you to know that cats don’t ‘talk’ to one another this way. Fluffy and her feline pals mostly communicate with facial expressions and body language. They save their voices for their human pals. Many kitties only speak up when they want to give us orders!

Body Language

Kitty body language is both adorable and unique. If Fluffy is feeling relaxed and happy, she may sprawl out on the floor, jump into your lap, or roll over onto her back. If she lets you pet that furry tummy, you should feel honored. This is a huge kitty compliment! Cats only let people they really trust touch their bellies. (They also often immediately change their minds about getting belly rubs, but that’s another topic.)


It’s not hard to tell when Fluffy is angry. Your kitty may flatten her ears, lash her tail, growl, or poof out her fur to make herself look bigger. If you see any of these warning signs, don’t try to touch your cat… just walk away and let your grumpy pet cool off.


Cats definitely have some adorable ways of showing affection. The purr may be the most obvious, and is also one of the cutest. The fact that our feline friends actually vibrate with happiness is pretty charming! Other ways Fluffy shows her love? Blinking slowly, head butting you, sleeping on or near you, and/or rubbing against your legs. Cats also follow their human buddies around from room to room, like furry little stalkers.

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