Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

Hot weather is on the way! One thing that is very important for people owned by cats is making sure your feline pal is properly hydrated. Dehydration is very dangerous for kitties! In this article, a Lafayette, LA vet offers tips on keeping your furry companion properly hydrated.

Multiple Stations

You may want to set out more than one water bowl for your feline buddy. We definitely recommend this for people with more than one kitty, and also for folks who live in large homes or houses with multiple stories. Wash your cat’s bowls daily to prevent dirt and bacteria from building up.


Try offering Fluffy some sodium-free fish, beef, or chicken broth as a special treat. Some of our furry friends absolutely love broth!

Kitty Fountain

Did you know that many of our feline pals prefer to drink running water? Consider getting Fluffy a kitty water fountain. This is also a great option for cats who have a penchant for drinking tap water.

Wet Food

One thing all people owned by cats have to decide is whether to offer their furry buddies wet food, dry food, or a mix of both. There are definitely some benefits to offering Fluffy wet food. One of the biggest ones is the fact that it is significantly higher in moisture content than kibble. Ask your vet for specific nutritional recommendations.

Cat Milk

Contrary to popular belief, milk really isn’t good for our feline friends. In fact, many kitties are lactose-intolerant! However, you can give your furball some cat milk, which you can find in many pet stores. This is specially formulated for Fluffy, and is safe for her to drink.


Watch your feline buddy closely for signs of dehydration. Some things you want to look for are panting, pale gums, sunken eyes, lethargy, trembling, vomiting, diarrhea, and unusual vocalizations. If you notice any of these symptoms, immediately give Fluffy some cool water and contact your vet. We also recommend monitoring your kitty’s water intake. One easy way to do this is to simply fill her bowl at the same time every day. If you think your furry pal is drinking too much water, or should be drinking more, call your vet.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, your local Lafayette, LA vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to help!

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