Fluffy’s Sleeping Obsession

Is your feline pal asleep right now? There’s a pretty good chance she is. Cats definitely are drowsy little furballs. But why is Fluffy so tired? Is looking cute really such hard work? A Lafayette, LA vet discusses kitties’ sleeping habits in this article.

Snoozing Pets

Cats sleep, on average, about 12 to 16 hours a day. However, some of our furry pals sleep even more than that. Kittens, for instance, snooze about 20 hours a day. This makes sense, as feline growth hormones are released when cats are asleep. (Baby cats spend most of the remaining 4 hours running around and making mayhem, but that’s another topic.) Older kitties are also quite drowsy. By the time Fluffy reaches her golden years, she’ll be an expert napper, capable of snoozing about 20 hours a day.

Why Are Cats So Tired?

Cats sleep more than almost any other animal on the planet, with the exception of some bats and opossums. One theory for this is that kitties spend massive amounts of energy in short periods of time while hunting, and need to recuperate. Of course, other predators get by on much less excessive amounts of sleep, but apparently Fluffy missed that memo.

Sleeping Spots

Make sure your kitty has plenty of comfy napping spots. Cats love to snuggle up in warm, cozy places, so offer your furball at least one sleeping spot with sunbeam access. Remember to wash Fluffy’s bedding regularly. You may also want to rearrange your pet’s beds sometimes to keep things fresh for her.

DIY Options

There are some really great DIY options for kitty beds. You can turn a hard-shell suitcase, hatbox, or end table into a pet bed in just a few minutes. Prop it open or remove the doors, and then add comfy blankets and pillows. Add varnish or paint it if you like. You can even just put a soft blanket into a wicker basket.


Napping cats usually aren’t sound asleep. Fluffy will still be aware of what’s going on around her. That’s why she may twitch or flick her tail if you call her name. And, if you were wondering, research shows that cats do dream. No one knows what they dream of, but we’re guessing sunbeams, boxes, and catnip figure in.

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