Happy Mew Year’s Day for Cats

Happy New Year! While most of us will be ringing in the new year today, some of our furry patients will be celebrating it tomorrow. January 2nd is Happy Mew Year’s Day for cats! A local Lafayette, LA vet discusses this special kitty holiday below.


If cats made resolutions, what do you think they would aim for? Fluffy may want to purrfect that complicated run/jump/meow combination, or work on her pouncing precision. She might also decide to stretch more, be better at keeping moths out of the house, or spend more time on your lap. If you’re really lucky, she may try to stop leaving fur all over your clothes, though you probably don’t want to get your hopes up on that one. Then again, your furry friend will probably spend most of 2019 sleeping, so she may just try to change up her napping spots a bit.


Why not let your kitty have a special treat? Canned tuna or chicken in water is fine. You can also give your furry buddy some plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, without the skin, bones, or fat. Sodium-free broth is also okay, as are cat milk and shredded deli meat.


While most New Year’s parties happened last night, there’s no reason you can’t let your feline friend celebrate today. Get Fluffy some catnip, and let her have at it! You can also offer your kitty some empty boxes, so she can have her own Boxing Day celebration. Don’t forget to take some adorable photos of your frisky pet!

Keeping Kitty Content

This is a great time to revisit your cat’s care regimen. Make sure that Fluffy is getting good, nourishing food. It’s also important to take your feline buddy to the vet regularly… regardless of her opinion about carriers and car rides. Toys, beds, clean litterboxes, and, of course, lots of TLC will also help keep your furball purring and content in the new year.

Starting The New Year

After New Year’s Day, things start to go back to normal. Settle in with a good book or movie tonight, and let your kitty snooze on your lap. This is a great way to wind down after a busy holiday season.

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