8 Possible Reasons Your Dog Won’t Stop Barking

Is your canine buddy constantly barking? While some dogs are naturally more talkative than others are, if Fido is barking excessively, there’s a reason for it. Before you can help your pet stop barking, you’ll need to figure out what he’s trying to communicate. A Lafayette, LA vet lists some possible options in this article.


Our canine pals are pack animals by nature, and are rarely left alone in the wild. Many dogs really don’t like being left by themselves, and can get lonely and even depressed if they feel too isolated. If Fido barks when you are gone, this may also be his way of trying to tell you where he is.


Dogs are naturally quite protective of their human buddies. They can also be quite territorial. If your pup sees an intruder or something that he considers a threat, he may bark to vocalize the fact that this is his turf.


Hunger, pain, heat, cold, and other types of discomfort can also be the cause behind your pup’s vocalizing. Make sure Fido always has food and water and a comfy shelter, and is current on vaccinations and parasite control. If your dog has only recently started barking heavily, medical issues could be to blame. Call your vet immediately.


Fear is another reason dogs bark sometimes. Your canine companion may be afraid of something in your yard, or something in your neighbor’s yard. Loud noises and strange smells can also frighten Fido.


When your furry buddy barks, do you soothe him or offer him a toy? If so, you may have inadvertently taught your pup that he gets rewarded for speaking up. (Oops.) Ask your vet or a professional dog behaviorist for tips on improving Fido’s petiquette.


Dogs are very smart, and need lots of mental stimulation in order to thrive. If Fido has nothing to do but stare at the walls, he may get restless and unhappy, and may vocalize his distress.


Our furry pals can be quite friendly. Fido may just be trying to say hi!


Just like people, dogs can suffer from anxiety. If none of the other possibilities seem to fit, your canine friend may be nervous or uneasy about something.

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