5 Possible Reasons Your Dog Won’t Stop Barking

Some dogs only bark on occasion, while others are, well, furry little chatterboxes. Incessant barking can be problematic and frustrating for humans, especially if it garners complaints from neighbors. However, it’s probably safe to say that your pup isn’t deliberately trying to keep the guy next door awake. Here, a Lafayette, LA vet lists some reasons Fido may be barking.


Does your pooch spend the majority of his time in the yard, or in a gated-off room? If so, your canine pal may be feeling lonely. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and often get uneasy when separated from their packs. Fido may also be trying to let you know where he is. Spend lots of time with your pet, and make sure he doesn’t feel too isolated.


Heat, cold, rain, parasites, and/or physical pain can all make Fido pretty uncomfortable. Keep up with your pup’s veterinary care needs. Also, make sure your pet has all the basic doggy comforts: fresh water, climate control, a comfy bed, and toys.


One of Fido’s first jobs was guarding our homes and livestock. Many dogs are more or less hardwired to act as adorable alarm systems. If your pup is usually quiet, but suddenly starts barking non-stop, he may be trying to alert you to something. Then again, he may also be barking at the neighbor’s cat. If you suspect the latter, try blocking his view.


Has Fido figured out that if he barks long enough, you’ll pet him, take him out, or play with him? If so, you’ve more or less trained your pooch to make noise. You’ll need to work with him to help him unlearn this behavior. Consult your vet or a professional dog trainer.


Dogs are quite intelligent, and need mental stimulation to thrive. Offer Fido lots of fun toys, and walk and play with him daily.

Keeping Fido Quiet

Never yell at or punish Fido for barking. This will only make him more uneasy! Instead, ignore your pooch when he’s being loud. Don’t pet him, play with him, or reward him until he’s quiet. That’s just a general rule of thumb, however. The exact steps you’ll want to take will depend on why Fido is barking. Ask your vet for advice.

Please contact us, your local Lafayette, LA vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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