Fluffy’s Pet Peeves

Cats may be small, but they have some pretty big personalities. Just like people, kitties all have their own likes and dislikes. However, they do share some common pet peeves. Read on as a local Lafayette, LA vet lists some things that annoy cats.

Loud Noises

It really isn’t very surprising that cats like their domains to be nice and quiet. After all, Fluffy spends the vast majority of her time napping! If you drop a pan or sound a bike horn near your feline buddy, your jittery little pet will probably race out of the room at top kitty speed.


Kitties are nothing if not quirky. Although there are some cats that apparently never got this memo, most of our feline pals absolutely hate getting wet. (Of course, this won’t prevent Fluffy from sleeping in the bathroom sink, but that’s another topic.)


Fido is a wonderful pet. He’s loyal, lovable, affectionate, smart, and brave. Of course, our feline friends may not give dogs as many high marks as we do. As far as Fluffy is concerned, Man’s Best Friend is a goofy, sloppy heathen who never cleans himself and refuses to use a litterbox. On top of that, he actually obeys orders!


Does your furball bolt for her favorite hiding spot as soon as the doorbell rings? Stranger danger throws Fluffy’s napping schedule completely out of whack!

Unapproved Attention

Kitties have some very definite rules for when and how they like to be petted. Too much attention, too little attention, and the wrong kind of attention are all huge faux pas in Fluffy’s book.

Other Cats

Fluffy is not necessarily very kind or accepting about other cats. Your sweet, lovable pet may morph into a fluffy ball of rage at the mere sight of the neighbor’s kitty. And, if you pet someone else’s cat, your jealous furball may smell the other feline on you, and give you a look of sheer disdain.

Car Rides

Although some cats don’t really mind car rides, the majority of them are not particularly enthusiastic about going for drives. Many of our feline patients cry the entire way to the clinic, and all the way back! (Sorry, Fluffy: those veterinary appointments are for your own good!)

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