Caring for a Blind Dog

May 3rd is Specially-Abled Pets Day! Our animal friends are very resilient, and can live happy, fulfilling lives, even if they have physical disabilities. For instance, there are many blind dogs out there with wagging tails and happy smiles, being as lovable and awesome as any other pup. Blindness actually isn’t that uncommon in dogs. Fido can be born blind, or lose his sight due to age, injury, or infection. Here, a Lafayette, LA vet discusses caring for a blind dog.


If you have other pets, put bells on their collars. This will help Fido know where his roommates are at all times.

Carpet Runners

Put out carpet runners for your canine pal to use as ‘roads.’ Choose ones of different textures to make things easier for Fido to navigate.


Consider getting Fido a halo harness. These have a protruding piece, which acts like a doggy bumper and keeps pups from crashing into things.


Avoid leaving things on the floor, especially in spots where Fido isn’t expecting obstacles. If you rearrange furniture, walk your pooch through on a leash to help him get used to the new layout.


Let guests know in advance that Fido can’t see them. You may want to hang a sign around his neck.


When you walk Fido, keep him on a short leash, especially in areas with traffic or other dogs. If you have a yard, make sure it is securely fenced and free of any potential doggy hazards.

Create A Puppy Zone

Set up a specific area for Fido, so he always has a safe place to retreat to. Put a comfy bed in this spot, and remove anything sharp or dangerous.


Just like any other pup, blind dogs benefit from playing. Squeaky toys are a great option here! Just keep doggy playtime restricted to a safe, doggy-proofed area.


Do some puppyproofing, and remove anything that could be dangerous to Fido. You may want to sit or kneel down, and look around from your pet’s point of view.


Talk to Fido regularly. The sound of your voice will both comfort him and make him feel safe. This will also help your pooch feel loved, which will keep that cute tail wagging.

Please contact us, your Lafayette, LA vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about caring for a blind pooch.

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