Walking Your Cat

You may have seen some videos or photos of people putting leashes on their cats and taking their feline friends for a stroll. Have you ever wondered if this is something you should do for your kitty? A local Lafayette, LA vet offers tips on walking your cat in this article.

Benefits of Walking Fluffy

Cats do purrfectly fine living indoors, but some of them are, well, more energetic than others. Fluffy will benefit from the stimulation, fresh air, and exercise of going outdoors, but it really isn’t safe for her to wander around on her own. Walking allows your feline buddy the best of both worlds. She’ll be able to enjoy the Great Outdoors, without the risks.

Should You Walk Your Cat?

Walking cats is not an across-the-board recommendation. Some kitties are very shy, while others are purrfectly content living indoors. If your feline pal is a couch potato, she may prefer to stay inside. Of course, if your pet is a furry little bundle of energy and/or was previously allowed to go outside, she may love being walked. This may also be a good option if you have multiple cats, with one being, well, more boisterous than the others. Walking Fluffy will burn some of her energy off, giving your other kitties a break.


Don’t just snap a leash on your furry buddy and head for your favorite trail. You’ll need to get Fluffy used to her leash and harness first. Start by just letting her wear the harness in the house. When she seems accustomed to the harness, attach the leash and let her drag it around. Supervise your kitty closely at this stage, as you don’t want her getting tangled up on anything.


The first time you take your feline companion outside, pay close attention to her behavior. If she seems scared, take her back in, and try again another day. However, if your furball seems more curious, let her explore. Stay away from trees, busy roads, and bodies of water that could be housing gators. You’ll also want to avoid dogs, if possible. Just be warned: if Fluffy decides that she really likes going out, she will expect you to walk her every day!

Please reach out to us, your Lafayette, LA vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. We are here to help!

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