Our Careteam

Dallas Toucheque
Practice Manager
Dallas has been working with animals of all sizes since she was very young. She grew up in a small town in Texas where she raised rabbits, horses, ducks and dogs. Working with her grandfather on his farm is what spiked her interest in the veterinary world.
When Dallas is not at Village Veterinary Center she is spoiling her own pets Bruce Wayne, Izzy, Anouk and “Rajah the Giant” a Munchkin Ragdoll Cat in their Youngsville home with her Husband, Torey.
Kristen Cunningham
Veterinary Technician
Kristen, from an early age, loved animals and knew she wanted to work with them. She grew up surrounded by cats, dogs, and cows. In high school, she took a veterinary technician class and shadowed at a veterinary clinic. She then attended Northwestern State University and graduated with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Kristen enjoys all of her patients including their humans and says she couldn’t imagine doing anything other than caring for our furry friends.
Kristen and her boyfriend, Cody live in their Duson home with their 4 pets; two gray tabbies, Aloy and Carson, a beige tabby named Bowen, and an Australian Shepherd/King Charles Spaniel mix, Wesley. Kristen mostly works with small animals now but has experience with large animals including horses, cows, and pigs.
Kimberly Kendrick
Veterinary Technician
Kimberly, like others in veterinary medicine, has always had a love for animals. There has never been a time in her life where she wasn’t surrounded by pets. From dogs and cats to reptiles, fish, chickens, ducks, goats and pigs. Her first 7 years in the veterinary field she worked as a customer service representative and laboratory technician.
A native of Florida, Kimberly now lives in Youngsville with her husband, Trevor, their son, Rowan, three dogs (Gordo, Bre & Rhett) and cat (Luna). Kimberly enjoys photography, camping and traveling.
Joanna Lafleur
Veterinary Technician
Joanna has always had a soft spot for animals of every kind and knew she wanted to pursue a career that would work to improve their lives. She grew up in Lafayette with two dogs, Max and Patches, and eventually rescued her first cat, Pico. Even though she has had experience working alongside ranch animals such as cows, horses, pigs, and sheep, she also has over 4 years of experience working with dogs and rescue cats. She recently moved to Kaplan, Louisiana with her boyfriend, Casey, and their two cats, Guillermo and Perdita. When Joanna isn’t hard at work she is spending time with her family or enjoying time with her cats in her garden.
Samantha Miller
Customer Service Representative
Samantha has had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes for as long as she can remember. When she began to study veterinary medicine she fell in love with the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. When Samantha is not working at the clinic she can be found at her home in St. Martinville that she shares with her husband Benjamin, their two horses Lady Mae and Sundance, their cat Kitty Boy, their four dogs Aleu, Aeganon, Levee and Hoss, along with their two rats Willie and Waylon.